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You might wish to know that the altar-bread used in our Church is gluten-free

Easyfundraising for St Aidan's Church. If you do any shopping, or surfing the internet, on-line, then kindly consider registering with  and registering that you wish to help: 'St Aidan's Church - Skelmanthorpe' Then, anytime you go on-line to shop, go to their search engine to check if the website, retailer, supplier, or product you intend to use/buy is on their listings. If so, click on that retailer and/or product - and carry on on-line shopping as you normally would. This scheme does not require anyone to do or spend anything they did not intend to do or spend, and does not cost you anything, not an extra penny: but it simply gains a few pence (or more!) each time for our church using this website route. Like the copper coins we collect in church for the Mara Bible College, it may only be a few pennies and tuppences a week, but we have raised a lot of money this way. Please note, this is not asking anyone to spend anything, or do anything, they would not have done already. It is certainly not asking anyone to stop shopping with local businesses (virtually all my weekly shopping for food, books, stationery, etc, etc, is done in Skelmanthorpe and Denby Dale). If you never shop on-line, and are not likely to start, then please ignore this. But...... please, if you ever do shop on-line, and are willing to register with and registering that you wish to help: 'St Aidan's Church - Skelmanthorpe', then that will help us, thank you.


Kiva. The next step up from helping charities that give aid in emergencies, is to help various micro-finance schemes lending small or comparitively small amounts of money to local farmers, stall-holders, entrepreneurs and so on, in underdeveloped nations. Helping people help themselves; and often spreading help in the communities they live in. There are a number of such schemes, but the one I have been involved with for several years, and so know it works well, is Kiva: One loans $25 (or a multiple of $25, it was orginally based in the USA) and can chose to support an individual or a group, in a particular country, and for different sectors such as agriculture, retail, education, housing, etc, and so on. The loans are paid back over several months, and one can either put the money back into one's own account or re-lend it over and over again. There is the possibility of some default, and since 2013 I have lost about 10%. But, eg, having loaned to areas of civil war or where hurricanes occur that is not surprising – a risk worth taking. It probably helps if one has a Paypal account. Kiva asks for a donation to them for each transaction, but you can chose whether to donate and if so how much. Many lenders on the scheme chose to join one or more teams; if you lend to the poor via Kiva then you are welcome to join my team ''Philately'' if you wish. NB: Kiva does not fill your email in-box with a large number of unwanted emails. I encourage people of any faith or none to give small loans in this way, thank you, Philip. See this short film from Kiva:


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