Weddings & Banns of Marriage

We are very happy to welcome you to celebrate your wedding in our Church. Please read the information below: and then please feel free to contact Philip (parish priest) without obligation, eg, email: - it helps if you could kindly email me such information as: your full names; your address/es;.your telephone numbers; your email address/es; and whether either of you have been married, or in a civil partnership, before; and also the names and birthdates of your children, if any. You may wish to suggest a date or dates, but please do not book anything until the date is confirmed with me, thank you.

If you have any guests attending a wedding at St Aidan's Church who are wheelchair users, then please let them now that we now have an all-ability entrance on the south wall of the church. Our Church, including a loo, is fully wheelchair accessible.

Please kindly note that Philip is often not available to deal with enquiries on Mondays.


Wedding Banns

Your Banns of Marriage will be called (usually during the notices near the end of Mass) in the Church of St Aidan on three Sundays - usually three Sundays in a row.

You are under no legal obligation to attend any of the Services when your Banns are called; but you would be most welcome to join us - and all visitors to our Church are welcome and invited to receive Holy Communion.

If you need your Banns calling at St Aidan's Church because, eg, you live in our parish but are getting married somewhere else: then please kindly email me with your full names; your address/es;.your telephone numbers; your email address/es; the date of your wedding and the name of the Church and of the parish that you are getting married in.

If you are getting married in St Aidan's Church, but live outside the parish of Skelmanthorpe, then you will need to contact the parish priest of the place where you live and let him or her have that information (as in the paragraph above).


Your Marriage

If you are getting married in St Aidan's Church, then I will email you copies of the wedding services: one being a traditional rite, the other being a more contemporary rite. With prior agreement with me, you are welcome to weave other appropriate rites and rituals, music, poems, readings and so on, into either of these.

If you would like your wedding photographed, then you are very welcome to invite a photographer and/or a videographer to the service to take whatever pictures or film you would like. During the ceremony they would be action shots, whereas during the signing of the register (and before and after the service) they may be posed shots as well. We also know that throwing confetti, perhaps on or near the church steps, is often a traditional custom at weddings and so your guests are most welcome to join in that, if you wish.

If you know of any guests coming to St Aidan's Church who are wheelchair users, then please let us know in advance: so that we can place the church ramp at the vestry door.


Changes to the Marriage Laws from 2015

Please note that if you are the citizen or subject of a country outside the European Union then the current law means that a marriage cannot be called by Banns in Church. You can provisionally book a date with a priest, but you must go to the Civil Registrar to start proceedings. This will take time. I will explain this face-to-face with anyone in this situation

In addition, recent changes to the Marriage indicate that all people who are getting married must now give 28 days notice - and the couple are also to produce evidence that they are both EEA (European Economic Area, ie, all EU nations plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway & Switzerland) citizens or subjects, including all British subjects of HM The Queen. At some point I may need to see a passport or identity card or official document that proves your nationality. You may think ''Big Brother'' is watching you, but don't blame me, this seems to be the new law.

NB: Church law still requires that no wedding may start before 8.00am, and must be completed before 6.00pm (hence weddings at St Aidan must start between 8.00am and 5.15pm). I would be quite happy in principle to celebrate your wedding in, eg, a garden at, eg, 7.30pm, but I cannot since it would be an invalid ceremony. If you would like a change in the law please contact your MP, you would have my support! Whereas, please note, a wedding blessing, as opposed to a marriage ceremony, can take place anywhere at anytime.


How much does it cost?

The fee for weddings at St Aidan's Church during 2018 AD is £605.00 (or slightly less if, eg, a Banns certificate is not required). This covers the national Church and legal fees, and the local Church costs (which are set by law); and also the organist and verger fees (set by local agreement); and various sundries such as the calling of Banns of Marriage. An invoice clearly outlining the charge will be sent to any couple.

Though an organist is optional most couples welcome having an organist to provide live traditional music.

Technically having a verger is also optional, but apart from the fact that most couples consider it very helpful to have a verger to help prepare things before and after the ceremony, and to give help to the bridal party as they arrive, as well as taking care of any adult or child needing help during the service: we now require a verger to be present as part of our fire, and health & safety, risk assessment. Churches now have to comply with relevant laws even for religious services, which once were exempt from such requirements.

Whilst each case varies please do not always assume that a Church wedding is more expensive than a civil ceremony. Sometimes the extra cost of a ceremony room (in addition to the reception room/s) and the cost of a registrar coming out at a weekend is actually more than the full Church fee. One couple assumed, without checking with us, that we charged about £1000, but of course we don't. Any fees paid in advance (with very few exceptions) are returned in full if some problem or change of circumstance occurs - basically we do not have a non-refundable deposit, as, understandably, most commercial providers have to charge. NB: the priest, usually already paid a stipend, does not make any extra money from a wedding!

I am very grateful if any wedding fees could be paid in cash or via the Banking BACS system (I can give youi the sort code and account number), rather than via cheques if at all possible. In our rural area, as in so many other places, virtually all local banks have closed making it difficult to deal with cheques without travelling into a town or city. 



Make sure you get some time to yourselves before your wedding, and best wishes for life after then, thank you, Philip

07805 509469   -


Baptism, Wedding & Funeral notes held by Philip at St Aidan, Skelmanthorpe. Some of you may be aware that I am retiring, and the paper notes/records I hold on family events will be industrially shredded probably in February 2019 under data protection laws. If a Baptism candidate or their parent/s, a wedding couple, or the immediate next of kin of a deceased person would like a copy of the notes held by me (which may not be that extensive or exciting) for their family records, then please feel free to get in touch: text 07805 509469 or email Please remember to give me the date of the event and relevant name/s, not to mention your current address; because after 31 years of nearly 300 weddings and nearly 900 Christenings my memory is not that good. Obviously the officail registers are due to be kept in perpetuity, I'm just referring to my notes which may not be that interesting? Please feel free to pass on this information to anyone who might be interested. Thank you, Philip

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