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Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals
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ASWA is the Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals. Compassion for the other creatures we share this planet for is not an optional add-on, but vital for Christians (and all people of good-will)

Bible Gateway
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A very useful site for resourcing Bible study, finding biblical passages, etc

Church Edit
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Church Edit is the UKs leading provider of church websites.

Church of England
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The official website of the Church of England

Church Times
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A link to the main Church of England weekly news paper

Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales
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The official website of our Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales

Easyfundraising for our Church
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Any time you make a purchase on-line, please consider first linking into ''Easyfundraising''. There is every chance the supplier/retailer will make a small donation to our Church at no cost to you. This is not to encourage anyone to stop local shopping, etc, simply to link in those purchases you would have made on-line anyway. For further information see the ''Announcements'' page, thank you

Find A Church - Church Search
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A useful site for searching for Churches throughout the UK, with links to their websites, etc

George Fredrick Bodley - Architect
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George Fredrick Bodley was the architect of St Aidan's Church in Skelmanthorpe. He was a significant ecclesiastical architect of the late 19th century, who also designed secular buildings.

Inclusive Church
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''Inclusive Church'' is committed to working for a church that is welcoming and open to all; working with others to raise awareness about the ways that people may feel excluded by the church.

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Kiva is the next stage up from emergency charitable giving. It is a scheme to help individuals and groups in developing nations to help themselves. Small scale entrepreneurs receive small loans. You join others in lending to a specific person or group in multiples of $25 dollars. Your cash is eventually returned without interest (if no default problems) and either you retain it or re-lend it. helping people help themselves. Check out the website for further details without commitment. Philip joined this scheme in Summer 2013 AD (and if you take part in this Kiva scheme, you are welcome to join Philip's team ''Philately'')

Monarchy, The
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The official website of the British Monarchy. Within the Church of England, we recognise Our Most Gracious Sovereign Lady, Her Majesty The Queen, as Governor of the Church of England in matters of discipline and law; and the Archbishop of Canterbury as our spiritual leader in matters of spiritual authority and doctrine.

Mothers' Union
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The official website of the Mother's Union - advancing the cause of love and inclusiveness in family life

Our Lady of Walsingham
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The website of the Anglican Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham

Prayer Book Society, The
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The official website of the PBS: Prayer Book Society, celebrating traditional Anglican worship

Science & Religion
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The ''Clergy Letter'' project comes from Christians (and some of other faiths) who are positive about an honest and rational understanding of science. This project began in the USA in the face of fundamentalist misunderstanding of, and a backlash against, scientific understanding. Honest religion has nothing to fear from science.

Skelmanthorpe Methodist Church
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St Aidan's Church Skelmanthorpe is pleased to have links with our sisters and brothers at Skelmanthorpe Methodist Church. Together we are CTiSk (Churches Together in Skelmanthorpe) including sharing worship and other activities.

St Aidan's Church on Facebook
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St Aidan's Church facebook page. As well as this website, we (like many institutions, organizations and companies) also have a facebook presence. Please click ''Like'' on this link, thank you

St Aidan's Church on Streetlife
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Streetlife is a new community network link. Time will tell how helpful it will be in helping communities grow links together. Our purpose for joining is to get updates on how we might better serve our community. Please click ''follow'' on this link, thank you.

St Aidan's School - PTA
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The website of our Parish School PTA shows ways we can support our school, whilst often having fun. Check it out

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