The death of a loved friend or family member is obviously a tragic time, and can/will bring various emotions.

You do not have to use a Funeral Director, but most people find it very helpful to let an Undertaker 'undertake' many tasks at a difficult and often challenging time.

If you have not already considered a funeral director, then in the Parish of St Aidan Skelmanthorpe we are very lucky to have nearby some local truly family run firms that give an excellent personal service 

Some services take place within the Church followed by burial or cremation; and some services take place entirely at a crematorium.

St Aidan's Church Garden of Remembrance

We recognise that the burial place of the physical remains of your loved ones can be a sensitive and emotional issue. We hope that you are able to have faith that parting is not forever; and that you can hold to the promise of Jesus, that there is life eternal. Not just "Rest in peace" (which is just freedom from the pains, illnesses and difficulties often experienced in this stage of life), but a continuing life of love, creativity, exploration, delight and beautiful relationships, and so on; as all creation becomes what it is meant to be.

In order to keep the Garden of Remembrance at St Aidan in some order of peace, dignity and tranquillity there are a few regulations. Memorial plaques to mark the interment space are to be flat, twelve inches square and made of Yorkshire stone. They can be inscribed with the name of the deceased and any other relevant fitting details. The remains of the deceased must be buried, and not scattered on the surface; thus they may be placed directly into the ground, or placed in a wooden or cardboard casket, i.e., that is bio-degradable and not, e.g., plastic.

No permanent decorations, plants or railings, etc, should be placed on the grave or anywhere else in the Garden of Remembrance. We will remove such items that may impede grass-cutting, can be a trip hazard and may detract from the dignity of the setting.

You are welcome to leave temporary flowers or wreaths to mark the anniversaries of death, birthdays, Christmas, etc. Such tributes should be removed when they begin to decay. Please place plant remains in the compost bins,(opposite the shed) and any wrappings or ribbons in the black bin (opposite the Vestry door). The bins can be found at the back of church.

Dated 17th December 2017 on behalf of the Priest and Parochial Church Council of St Aidan, Skelmanthorpe, HD8 9AF

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